Keir Starmer the pro EU Labour party shadow Brexit secretary, has said that a Labour government would seek to negotiate a transitional deal that would keep Britain in the EU single market and customs union after leaving the EU. This statement by Starmer raises a number of issues.

Firstly it shows the weakness of the character of the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn. He seems to be willing to allow himself to be intimidated by the pro EU Blairite elements inside the party to try and water down Brexit.

Secondly the Labour party policy shift will be an absolute disaster for the Labour party. John Mann the right wing Labour member of parliament who I do not normally agree with is correct in stating that the policy shift to support staying in the EU single market will be very unpopular amongst Labour supporters particularly in the North of England.

Staying in the EU single market means support for the EU ‘free’ market, which means opposition to public ownership. Support for ‘open’ competition which means in reality support for privatization of public services. Also subjection to the European court of ‘justice’ and its anti working class and anti trade union rulings.

In conclusion it confirms my personal view as somebody who left the Labour party in 1994. That we cannot really trust the Labour party leadership
of whatever stripe. Also we need to build an anti globalist anti EU socialist movement. As a final note Britain should leave the EU as soon as possible without paying a divorce bill. A hard socialist Brexit.

Best wishes to all for the future.


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