A key weakness in Britain is the lack of a radical daily newspaper. The only one is the Morning Star which sells about ten thousand copes a day.

Of course nowadays most young people get there news from alternative media sources and they ignore the mainstream media. However I still feel that it would be a bonus to have a radical daily newspaper.

The Daily Mirror supports the right wing of the Labour Party and only sells about seven hundred thousand copies a day. The once middle class liberal Guardian is now a reactionary neo conservative newspaper. It is the house journal of the Blairites. It now only sells about one hundred and fourty thousand copies a day most of them elderly.

It would be impossible to start a new printed daily radical newspaper. However it would be quite financially possible to start a a daily internet only radical newspaper. The Canary Global shows what can be done.

I would like to hear from people who read my blog. To hear their views on starting such a daily radical paper.

In conclusion to all keep fighting for peace and justice and against the corporate globalists. God bless you all.


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