In this latest blog as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I will explain why we still still need a hard brexit.

After the surprise hung parliament election result of 8/6/17 some political commentators are saying that there should be a political compromise. They accept that Britain will leave the EU but there should be a soft brexit with Britain staying in the single market.

In my opinion as a socialist this would be a disastrous decision. Being in the EU single market means accepting EU regulations relating to labour flexibility regulations, privatization and rules that place limits on countries budget deficits. Just look at the way the EU is treating Greece. Also the vicious attacks that the Macron government is planning on the French workers labour rights.

The EU is an evil globalist corporate fascist tyranny. That takes its orders from the European round table of industrialists. Britain is much better off outside of the EU fully.

Also if Britain remained in the single market. A future Labour government would not be able to carry out its public ownership policies.

Besides this if Britain did stay in the single market regulations. Then there would quickly be a revival of support for UKIP or some other far right party particularly amongst the working class.

So in conclusion as an anti globalist, anti EU socialist I say Britain must back a hard brexit.

Best wishes to all.



  1. It’s a pity the (sincere) right and the (sincere) left can’t work together on this. False friends on both sides are implementing a strategy of ‘divide and conquer’. George Galloway gets on well with Nigel Farage. People like that would be able to work together just fine in a British Cabinet – better than the present lot do!

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