In this latest somewhat controversial blog. I will put forward the view that nowadays you cannot just apply the label of fascist to far right groups. But instead the term fascist is much more complex nowadays. The term must also be applied to corporate and globalist fascists who want to make individual countries national sovereignty irrelevant. The countries instead would be dictated to by undemocratic transnational fascist institutions like the European Union.

It is quite right to still call some far right groups like the British National Front fascist. This group wants to expel from Britain non white people who were born in Britain. This groups political views are outrageous. However it is ridiculous to state that right wing nationalist populist groups like UKIP Britain and Alternative for Germany are fascist.

However we now move onto the controversial part of this blog. The term fascist must nowadays be applied to corporate and globalist fascists who are outwardly members of democratic political party,s.

For instance corporate fascists support TTIP and want to have mega multinational corporations  have supreme power of sovereign national governments. Also globalist fascists want to make individual countries national parliaments irrelevant. These countries instead would be dictated to by groups like  the EU commission.

Examples of globalist fascists are Jeroen Disselbloem the EU finance minsister who astonishingly  is a member of the Netherlands Labour Party. He seems to want  to make the EU countries national parliaments irrelevant. He also supports compulsory privatization. Martin  Schulz the German SPD chair of the EU  parliament is another example of a globalist fascist along with Donald Tusk.

Claude Juncker and Angela Merkel from the EU  Christian Democratic movement must be considered corporate fascists. They seem to want to make countries national sovereignty irrelevant.

It is perhaps not surprising that many people in EU countries are turning to right wing nationalist populist party,s. As many left wing political party,s are spineless and  support neo liberalism, privatization and the EU dictatorship. However as I have stated in my recent blogs we need to build a socialist, left anti globalist, EU movement to fight the corporate and globalist fascists and their fake left allies.

In conclusion best wishes to all for the future and god bless you.


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