In this latest blog I will argue that for the left political movements to revive they need to adopt an anti globalist stance. By this I mean they should support the power of their own national democracies over undemocratic international institutions like the EU.

There is no doubt that in Europe the left wing political party,s are in a major crisis. In France the Socialist Party presidential candidate is on about 9% in the latest opinion polls. The socialist presidency in France has been an absolute disaster of neo liberalism,austerity and privatization. In Greece the Syriza government has been an absolute debacle of privatization and austerity. Of course the reasons for this is  easy to see these two governments are determined to stick to the financial budget  death trap of the Euro currency rather than leave the Euro currency  which is what they should be doing.

In Europe left wing political party,s are in decline. Much of the working class are now turning to right wing nationalist populist party,s. In the Netherlands and Austria the Freedom party,s are well ahead in the opinion polls for the next general elections. In Germany, Alternative for Germany are just behind the SPD in second place for next years general elections. In France Marina Le Pen will probably finish a close second place to the conservative candidate in next years presidential election.

The reason for the European left crisis is easy to see. Most of these parties active members are made up of comfortably off middle  class people who adopt a fake internationalist stance in accepting the superiority of technocratic fascist transnational institutions like the EU over their own national parliaments. This also means that accept the  liberalism and privatization that goes with supporting the EU.

What an an anti globalist left would do would be to campaign for the return of sovereignty to their own national parliaments. In fact  they should be campaigning for their own countries to leave the EU.

They should also support the right of their own national parliaments to control its own economic and social policies and not the undemocratic EU. They should also support the right of their own countries to adopt capital controls, to have their own independent currency and to carry out public ownership measures.

Their is one brave Greek socialist Takis Fotopoulos who does advovate the need for an  anti globalist left. I shall review his new very important book in my next blog.

Unless the European left starts to adopt an anti globalist stance its decline will continue as the  working class continues to switch its support to right wing nationalist populist party,s

In conclusion best wishes to all in the build up to the Christmas season.


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