As a life long socialist I would have voted for Jill Stein the progressive candidate in the USA presidential election if I had had the vote.

However of the two main candidates Hillary Clinton the Democratic party candidate and the maverick conservative Donald Trump I personally feel that Trump  is the lesser of the two evils. Let me explain why I hold this view. Clinton is a warmongering sociopath who has boasted of several war deaths. She has also threated to impose a no fly zone over Syria which would probably had led to a world war with Russia and China. Also her cabinet would have been dominated by neo conservative war mongers like Victoria Nuland and Samantha  Power. As well as this the Clinton foundation is linked to very dodgy money such as the Saudi royal family.

On the other hand Donald Trump has indicated that he wants better relations with Russia and China and he seems more of an isolationist. Of course it is possible that once Trump becomes president he may change his tune and become a supporter of wars. Its is of course also possible that the deep state and the military industrial complex may thwart Trumps plans for peace if he is seriously interested improving relations with Russia and China. However Hillary Clintons election defeat is a very welcome event for all peace loving people.

In conclusion it is up to all peace loving people in the world to join the fight for world peace, by getting involved in anti war groups like the Stop the War Coalition. We must also campaign for the public ownership of military weapon producing companies. So that these comanies can gradually be changed to producing social useful products.

God bless you all





  1. I love it when people from the Left and from the Right come together in opposing imperial wars. What we need above all is public ownership of the money supply. The Government, under Parliament, should be the only ones allowed to create money. Then we can abolish government debt, lower taxes and remove austerity. I’m sure Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, George Galloway and Donald Trump would work together on that just fine, whatever their other differences.

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