Now I must confess that the build up to Christmas ,the three months from 1/10/2016 to Christmas day is my favourite time of the year.

There is I feel a sense of magic about this period. Particularly when December arrives. It shows for a short period of time a sense of energy that is positive and which also shows the possibility of a new world.

Unfortunately this year we are in very troubled times. Although to be honest this has often been the case at Christmas times. However the period building up to Christmas 2016 is much worse than previous periods as there is an increasing possibility of a world war three between the western imperialist powers and Russia and China. This will particularly be the case if Hillary Clinton is elected president of the USA.

So the obvious key question is how can we use this positive energy in the build up to Christmas 2016 in these troubled times. I have a few suggestions.

Firstly concentrate on the exact moment that you are in. Make peace with the present moment do the dwell on the past or go off into the future.

Secondly tap into the positive energy by doing positive things. For instance donate to a charity, give food to the homeless people in the streets.  A lso try and do some voluntary work.

Thirdly meditate each day to calm yourself and connect to your inner being. If you are a Christian imagine Jesus pouring white light all over your body.

Fourthly and finally try and get involved in an anti war  and peace campaign. Such as the Stop the War Coalition or Uniting for Peace.

Finally just enjoy the prescence of the present moment. Do not let the war mongers create negtivity in your life. The build up to Christmas is a time of magic enjoy it.

God bless you all.


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