Jeremy Corbyn was today re elected as Labour Party leader in a landslide victory. This is something which I personally very much welcome however a number of points need to be made regarding his victory today.

Firstly Corbyn,s call for party unity after his re election is to say the least very naive. The overwhelmingly right wing Blairite parliamentary Labour Party will never accept him as party leader.

Secondly as a result of this Labour will be seen by the electorate as divided. Also a party which is  seen as internally split  could help Labour lose the 2020  general election.

Thirdly as a result of a future Labour election defeat the pro Corbyn Momentum group will move towards the right. The reason being they will say that Labour needs to move towards the centre ground to win elections. Just as most of  the Bennites did after the defeats in the 1980,s general elections. There are already signs of this with Owen Jones moving towards the right and Clive Lewis abstaining on the trident vote.

In my opinion there is only one solution to solve this crisis. Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters in the constituency Labour party,s also supporters amongst members of parliament and left trade unions like Unite should breakaway and form a new left party. This party  without having to worry about right wing disruption will inspire millions of people and will become a major force in British politics.

In conclusion best wishes to you all


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