The November 2016 American presidential election between the two main challengers Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is to say the least a depressing spectacle.

Donald Trump on the one hand is a wealthy oligarch. While Hillary Clinton who is very corrupt has her own Clinton foundation which receives donations from the worlds elite. Ranging from Goldman Sachs to the Saudi Arabian royal family.  She is also a sociopathic war monger.

There is to be blunt almost no difference between the two candidates economic policies. However I am not at all surprised that the fake ‘socialist’ Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton. See my earlier blog why I do not trust Bernie Sanders.

The United States of America is an oligarchical dictatorship. Nearly all of the members of  congress are funded by corporate big business. Clearly America urgently a new independent progressive political party that is not funded by big corporate business.

Personally I support Jill Stein the progressive presidential candidate for president of the USA. At the  present  time she is on about 5% support in the opinion polls.

It looks like that the vote between Clinton and Trump will be very close. The only positive thing about Donald Trump is that he has stated that he wants good relations with Russia and China unlike Hillary Clinton who seems to want to start a war with Russia and China.

In conclusion though American progressive and labour activists need to urgently build a new progressive third party.

God bless you all.


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