The Chilcot report published last Wednesday 6/7/2016  was not the whitewash that some people thought that it would be.  In fact the report was quite devasating for the former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The main points of the report were.

1.There was no evidence of the evidence of weapons of mass destruction held by the Iraq government.

2.There was no evidence  that Iraq had restarted chemical or biological weapons production,also it had no  ability to produce a nuclear bomb.

3. The Iraq government did not lie about its weapons capabilities, also Blair was told that Iraq was not a threat to the west.

4. Blair was told by the Foreign Office that toppling Saddam Hussein would probably lead to chaos and terror.

5.Britain was not acting on behalf of the international community and was acting in defiance of Security Council wishes.

In addition to the Chilcot report a number of points need to be made.

Firstly we need to realize that the 2003 Iraq was a consequence of Western imperialism,s intevention in the middle east since the Picot Sykes agreement of 1915 by Britain and France dividing up the middle east.

Secondly 179 British service personnel and over two hundred and fifty thousand Iraq,s were killed in the Iraq war. We need justice and action on the their behalf.

Also we must use the Chilcot report as the basis for a campaign to end planned western imperialst wars in the middle east and elsewhere.

In conclusion I would urge all people who read this blog to Join Stop the War Coalition and get active in the fight to stop future wars.

We at least owe this to all of the people killed in the Iraq war.

God bless you all.


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