David Icke,s new book Phantom Self is without doubt an interesting publication. Firstly he now holds a similar view to myself that our worlds creation has been hijacked by a negative force the demiurge. This is opposed to the good god which I personally consider to be Jesus.

Now myself I am personally a free thinking Christian whilst David Icke is hostile to Chrstianity. But as I have said like David I do feel that this negative force the demiurge has hijacked our world. So he seems to be advocating a non Christian form of Gnosticism.

The  second key point in the book is the role  that artificial intelligence and transhumanism  could play in the future development of the human race. In my opinion David is to be applauded for highlighting these dangers. The smart grid and cloud technology  most certainly have potential totalitarian possibilities. Smart meters in peoples accommodation can monitor the householders daily movements and actions.

More importantly microchips if inserted into human beings bodies can create a hive zombie race where peoples movements and thoughts are monitored.  A most certain totalitarian possibility.

Thirdly artificial if used to tamper with or amend the human body through implants as some scientists are suggesting also has sinister overtones. It is most certainly up to the human race to resist this possibility.

As David says it is up to the human race to resist the sinister plans of the new world order. However I personally do not feel that the situation is as bleak as David makes out in Phantom Self. As I feel that there is a innate feeling in human beings to aim to be free. On a postive side look  at the growing disconnect from the mainstream media, the anti war mood and the growing opposition to corporate rule.

In conclusion  David Icke is to be congratulated for his new publication. He has regularly highlighted the dangers of world government. On Thursday 23/6/2016 the people in Britain will have a chance to strike a blow against a future world government by voting to leave the European Union.

My next blog to be published round about the 22/6/2016 will explain why the people of Britain most vote to leave the EU and help to defend national democracy. God bless you all.


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