This blog is basically about the human soul in  the present world. It is about how the good side can triumph over the bad side in the individual human beings soul.

We human beings are nearly all shades of grey, we all have a good and a bad side. We can easily become obsessed with ourselves and our own problems. We can all become dominated by our ego and ignore our inner being and consciousness.

For our good side and our soul to triumph is I must admit not easy. We are all prone to fears, financial insecurities and the fear of wars carried out by the worlds ruling elite.

However we have a conscience that tells us that something is not right with our  own lives and the world. Also we all receive deep messages from our inner soul which tells us to change our lives. I did on the 24/12/1987 which told me to stop drinking alcohol.

When people who read this blog whose  conscience is troubled I suggest that you start meditating for ten minutes twice a day. It will open you to your inner being and give you new insights or yourself and help to defeat your ego.

In conclusion besides meditating I would suggest that readers of this blog also start carrying out good deeds such as giving money to charity and getting involved in peace and social justice campaigns.


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