The British vote on the 23/6/2016 on whether or not to stay in the European Union will have far reaching consequences for both Britain and the rest of Europe. In this blog I will put forward the Democratic Socialist case for Britain leaving the European Union.

Firstly the EU is a neo liberal dictatorship whch overides the will of countries in the EU national parliaments and their parliaments national sovereignty. Look at the events in Greece last year to confirm this point of view.

Secondly the Euro currency has been an absolute disaster. Countries have lost the right to decide their own economic policies and their own interest rates . This is main the reason why you have permanent high unemployment in Southern Europe and over 50%  rate of youth unemployment in countries like Greece and Spain.

The EU is a neo liberal corporate dictatorship. Look again at Greece which long ago lost its national independence. Forced to privatize its industries and introduce anti trade union laws  by the EU.

Under the EU Fiscal Compact in the EU countries  must have annual balanced budgets with a near zero structural deficit. Also countries cannot give state aid to industries. The EU also promotes compulsory privatization. For instance the postal services under directive number 97/67/EG and 2002/39 EG.

Under flexicurity the EU promotes zero hour contracts and the casualisation as part of its structural adjustment programme.

Some people say that the EU promotes peace in Europe and the World. However the reality is very quite different. The EU helped start the disastrous conflict in the Ukraine by overthrowing the constitutional elected president and replacing him witha government  which includes many fascists. The former EU commission president Jacques  Delores has stated that we need an EU army to fight the resource wars of the 21st century.

The plan of Jeremy Corbyn and Yanis Varoufakis Diam 25 group  to  reform the EU is an absolute fantasy as you would need 28 very left wing governments to achieve this an is is just not going to happen. Most EU governments are quite right wing and even ‘socialist ‘governments like in France promote neo liberal economic policies.

So Corbyn is being dishonest in his plans to reform the EU. The   EU cannot be reformed. The EU is becoming more and more  neo liberal and corporate fascist all the time.

In conclusion the 23/6/2016 will be a very important date in British history. So get busy now and join the campaign to secure a no victory on 23/6/2016. We can do it.


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