Without doubt Europe is facing a major refugee crisis with a flood of refugees from North Africa and the  Middle East. Europe could also face a much bigger flood of refugees in the future .

At the end of this blog I will make some suggestions to try and solve the crisis. However I know that my ideas will not be implemented.

Without doubt the the main cause of the refugee crisis is due to the activities of the neo conservative Project for the New American Century with their plans for world American dominance. This was to be achieved through attacking countries in the Middle East. Fortunately  Russia,China and Iran have now regrouped and American imperialism now faces a major rival.

The disastrous 2003 invasion of Iraq and the war in Libya and the western attempt to fund fascist jihadists in Syria to overthrow the government of President  Assad are the main reason for the flood of refugees from the Middle  East and North Africa. So the American neo conservative war strategy has created a disaster not just for the Middle  East and North  Africa, but it is also creating social tensions in Europe as well as increasing the vote for far right groups.

Now I must confess that I do not have a solution to the refugee  human tragedy. However I will make some suggestions which may help lessen the crisis

Firstly the western imperialist powers should withdraw their military forces from the Middle East. Also they should cancel military funding to Israel and Saudi Arabia. They should stop funding jihadists in the Middle East and instead give economic aid to the countries in this region.They should also recognize  Palestine  as an independent state and implement sanctions against Israel until it withdraws from the occupied regions of Palestine.

However alas my ideas will not be implemented. So the European regugee crisis will only get worse and worse.











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