In this blog I will argue that it is outrageous that individual private companies can make vast profits from the armaments industry the merchants of death,also that war is good for the private arms companies. I will put forward the idea that we need a campaign in all countries of the world to nationalize the armaments industry.

Lat year 1.5 trillion American dollars were spent on arms,what a waste of resources. This is 2.7% of the worlds GDP.The main exporters were USA, Europe and China. The main importers of arms were third world countries in Africa and Asia. You would have thought that third world coutries would have better things to spend their money on?

The profits made by companies involved in the arms trade are staggering and immoral. As per the Stockholm Peace Institute survey of 2013 lockheed martin the American arms company made 2981 million dollars profit in that year. Another American company boeing made 4585 million dollars profit in 2013. As you can see war and international tension is good business for these type of companies.

Clearly if we are to achieve a peaceful world then we must take the profit out of the armaments industry. This can only be done by taking all companies throughout the world involved in the arms industry into public ownership. Once the companies are taken into public ownership the companies production could then be changed to producing socially useful products.

So in conclusion I say to anybody reading this blog throughout the world. Get involved in the campaign against the arms trade in your country and also start a campaign for the public ownership of the arms industry.


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