The next American presidential election will be held in November 2016.The two candidates making the waves are Donald Trump for the Republicans and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. It is Bernie Sanders who I intend concentrating on in this blog.

Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist. However I have some problems with this description. Firstly if he is a socialist what is he doing inside the American Democratic party which is most certainly not a socialist party. It is a party domimated by corporate business interests and also supports imperialist wars against third world countries.

As for Sanders himself unsuprisingly he is opposed to nationalization describing himself as a social democrat that supports health care reform. Outrageously he described the late Hugo Chavez as a dead communist. Which leads me on to Sanders cold war mindset. He supported a resolution in the American senate on the 17/7/14 backing Israel,s attack on Gazza. He also suports the American cold war aggression against Russia. So Sanders is basically nothing new in my opinion. If he becomes president he will continue the American aggression against third world countries and the cold war against Russia. Also big business interests will continue to control America.

American socialists should not support Sanders 2016 presidential campaign as working inside the corporate funded Democratic party is a dead end. But should instead try and build a new mass socialist party in America. As this is unlikely to be achieved by the 2016 presidential election campaign I would recommend supporting the Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein.


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