In this latest blog I will look at the ideas of dualism and the view that there are two paths to many ideas even that of god. Also that many ideas can be a force for both good and bad depending on how they are used.

Firstly people who are regular readers of my blog will know that I have suggested that we should perhaps consider the idea of two gods.The good god Jesus and the evil creator god the demiurge. The reason for this is of course the suffering in the world, wars and the law of the wild amongst animals. Would a good god have created this?

Also all religions can be a force for both good and bad.For instance both christianity and islam have people who use their religious beliefs to try and make a better world. However both religions at the same time have warmongering nasty elements inside their religion.

Also marxism can be used for both good and bad. For instance Rosa Luxemburg advocated a human democratic marxism. However Lenin must be credited with the start of a non democratic dictatorial marxist state. Pol Pot unfortunately was influenced by marxism. However I feel that democratic marxism can still be used for useful insights.

Also we all as individuals have dualist personalities. We have a constant struggle between our good and bad sides. I know that I do.

In conclusion I say we must all meditate each day and pray if you believe in god. Also try and do a good deed each day so that our good side can triumph over our bad side in our daily struggle regarding our dualist personality.


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