According to some alternative websites September 2015 will bring major changes to the world relating to the 13/9/15 Shemittah economic crisis and also extraterrestrial disclosure. In this blog I will deal with the two issues one at a time.

Firstly relating to the Shemittah cycle which starts on the 13/9/15 this is a Jewish economic cycle which takes place every seven years and relates to the forgiveness of debts. Some reseachers claim that when this seven year cycle starts there is always an economic crisis.

These views are best expounded by Karen Mutton in an article in the June/July edition of the Nexus magazine. She points to the economic crisis of 2007,1987 and 1973 which were the start of the seven year Shemittah economic cycle.

However my research shows that in some years at the start of the seven year Shemittah event there was no economic crisis .For instance 1994,1982 and 1966.
Personally I do not feel that there is likely to be a 1929 style crash on the 13/9/15 however I feel that the uncertainty on the worlds stock markets will continue for some time. In conclusion regarding this issue I think that there will be another 2008 style economic crash due to the massive personal debt however this crash is more likely to take place in 2017 or 2018.

The other big event that is possibly going to take place in September 2015 is related to extraterrestrial disclosure. This is based on the views of Corey Goode who claims to be a whistleblower on the subject.Some experts on the E.T subject have even speculated that Pope Francis may make a statement when he addresses the United Nations in September 2015.

My view on this is quite clear. Many times before have so called insiders claimed that extraterrestrial disclosure is imminent and these claims have turned out to be false. So I am sceptical about these claims regarding E.T disclosure. I am convinced based on the evidence presented that the major world powers do know about the existence of extraterrestrial worlds. However I expect them to keep this knowledge secret from the general population of the world for many years in the future.

Have a safe and happy September 2015.


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