I have written this blog on the Labour Party leadership contest after being asked for my view by several people on the leadership contest. Voting will take place for the new Labour leader between 14/8/15 and September 2015.The new leader being announced on the 12/9/15.

Now as for my own relation to the Labour Party I was a member of the party from 1973 to 1994. I was on the hard left of the party. I left the party when it moved towards accepting neo liberalism and dropping its support for socialism. My personal view since 1994 has been that working in the Labour Party is a waste of time as most members of parliament elected as left wingers will generally swing towards the right. History has proved that this usually happens. Also I feel that we need to try and build a new mass based socialist political party in this country, though I concede that this will be difficult.

However getting back to the subject of the Labour Party leadership campaign I must confess that it leaves me cold. I just cannot summons up much interest in the campaign.There are of course four candidates. Liz Kendall is the candidate of the Blairite right wing. Her performance on the BBC Newsnight debate was lucklustre to say the least.

The two centrist candidates are Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper. One of these two candidates will almost certainly be the winner. Cooper interestingly worked for the Clintons in the USA. Her husband Ed Balls was involved in the British American Project. Also he has attended the recent Bilderberg conferences including the last one in Vienna. So she is clearly an atlanticist.

Jeremy Corbyn is the left wing candidate. Now I must confess that I have not taken part in the left wing rejoicing by the fact that he is on the leadership ballot. He supports Britains membership of the European Union also there is as as far I can see no mention of public ownership in his leadership campaign. This just shows how far the left wing of the Labour party have moved towards the right from when I was a member.

So in conclusion whoever is elected the new Labour Party leader will I feel have no real solutions to Britains economic crisis. The real task in the years ahead will be to build a new mass based socialist political movement in this country and the rest of the world.


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