May Day the first day of May is a very historical event in both Britain and the rest of the world. It is viewed as the festival of the soil for rural farming communities. Also it has been seen as a religious festival being the saint day of Saint Joseph the workers saint, he being a carpenter and Jesus Father. Finally of course in modern times it is the day of the labour socialist and international working class movement. Thus the May Day demonstrations of Trade Unions throughout the world.

In England until the start of the twentieth century May Day festivals and carnivals was a major event in Britain. Such events declined in the 20th century however in the last twenty years there has been a major revival of May Day activities in Britain with such festivals taking place throughout the whole country.

Also there has been a big revival in the Trade Union May Day demonstration in London. Last year 2014 over twenty thousand people attended the TUC London May Day demonstration.

With corporate capitalist attacks on working class people increasing all the time it is essential that working class people join together in solidarity. So I say if you can make it attend this years London May Day demonstration. This takes place of course on 1/5/15 at 12pm starting at Clerkenwell Green near Farringdon Tube Station and marching to Trafalgar Square.

If you cannot make the Trade Union London May Day demonstration at least attend a May Day festival in your area. In conclusion I say.

Celebrate May Day 2015.


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