The next British general election will be held on Thursday 7th May 2015. It will be held against a background of fear of the future and cynicism about politicians in general.

In this blog I will look at the key election issues and also how people should consider voting in the election.

Firstly we need a fightback against neo liberal economics and the oligarchical corporate elite which controls Britain.This would involve public ownership of the banks, the major utilities, energy companies and some other major corporations. We should also set up a public enterprise board so as to plan public investment in the company.

Secondly we need to deal with Britains housing crisis.This can be done in two ways. Firstly by introducing rent controls for private landlords and secondly by building three hundred thousand council flats and houses per year.

Thirdly increasing rights at work by scrapping all anti trade union laws. Also by outlawing zero hours contracts. Also introduce a ten pound an hour minimum wage straight away.

Fourthly the withdrawal of all British troops from overseas. Also start a campaign for NATO to be disbanded and for Britain to leave NATO.

Fifthly a socialist campaign is needed for British withdrawal from the European Union corporate dictatorship.

Now that we have identified the key issues we must ask ourselves who people should vote for in the election on 7/5/15.

Firstly I would urge people to vote for the Trade Union Socialist Coalition candidates in the 136 constituencies where they are standing. Secondly vote for Left Unity,Respect Party, Socialist Labour Party and Socialist Party of Great Britain in the consituencies where they are standing.

In the other constitencies I would leave it up to people to decide whether to vote Labour Party, Green Party or SNP. I would not recommend voting for right wing Labour Party candidates. Also I am supicious of the Green Party as many European Green parties have swung towards the right particularly the German Green Party.

In conclusion if despite my advice you decide not to vote. To be blunt I do not entirely blame you.

Best wishes to all readers.


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