Without doubt the world is going through a difficult period at present. With western imperialism starting wars all over the place.Yemen is their latest effort. Also to be blunt I am personally finding life very difficult at present with poor health, stress and worry about the increasingly difficult international situation.

However despite this cruel heartless world with its massive injustices this weekend does bring a sign of hope for the human race. This is of course Easter and Jesus message of salvation and his resurrection from the dead. Whether or not you do believe in Jesus resurrection from the dead I still feel that the Easter period is a time of hope for all. With the message of potential salvation for the whole of mankind despite our personal bad faults.

I would suggest a few guides of action to follow through from the Easter period. Firstly start meditating daily. Secondly try and start performing good personal deeds such as giving out food to the homeless. Thirdly start getting involved in a political campaign like the Stop The War Coalition.

I know that life is very difficult for most of us at present. However try and take Jesus Easter message as a guide to try and change both our own lives and the world. It may be difficult but please lets all try.


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