This blog I feel has a very important message for the general public.

For some time I have been concerned by the closure of independent bookshops due to the growth of Amazon,s on line service which for some reason can sell books cheaper than independent bookshops. Now I must confess that until about 18 months ago I did purchase most of my books from Amazon. However when I heard about the working conditions at Amazon and the fact that they do not recognise trade unions I made an ethical decision no longer to buy books from Amazon.

Based on media reports which are well documented Amazon staff have to walk several miles a day. Also they are regularly monitored for things like toilet breaks and the work targets are by all accounts quite tough.

Also local independent bookshops help promote diversity. They can also become a place for community meetings as many now have coffee rooms. Even Waterstones is in my opinion vastly preferable to Amazon. As with their coffee rooms it can become a place to meet your friends. Also Waterstones does recognise trade unions.

Myself living in North London I try and purchase most of my books from Housemans bookshop at 5 Caledonian Road London N1. This bookshop which is Londons main radical bookshop has been going strong since 1945. If you want to buy books from Housemans on line you can use their on line service at

So in conclusion I say make an ethical choice today and start purchasing books from your local bookshop.


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