Well 2014 was a very tense year on the international scene what with Isis, Gazza and the Ukraine events. So I shall now give my views on the major events that have happened in this year 2014.

I will start my review of 2014 here in Britain which turned out to be a very eventful year. Firstly although Scotland voted against independence the result was a lot closer than most people expected. Also the Scottish National Party appear now to have established a clear lead in the opinion polls, in my view the issue of Scottish independence has not yet been finally settled.

Secondly the United Kingdom Independence party have now clearly established themselves as a major British party and I feel that they are now a permanent major force in British politics. I suspect that they may win more seats than some people expect in the 2015 May general election. Also although I am a socialist I am in favour of Britain leaving the European Union.

Thirdly last Januarys floods are I fear of sign of what the future may hold for Britain. We could face severe flooding in some parts of the country every year.

Finally we have had a year of economic growth without a feel good factor. The reason for this is simple plenty of new jobs have indeed been created in the last year however they are mainly either low paid, self employed or part time temporary jobs. This is why the 2015 May general election will probably produce another hung parliament as people have little confidence in any political party to deal with the economic crisis.

Turning to the international situation it has been a year of crisis. This has in my opinion an international crisis made by the oligarchy in the United States of America. Firstly Isis in Iraq and Syria has clearly been created by the USA to help defeat secular nationalist governments in the middle east.

Secondly the Ukraine crisis has again been created by the USA elite as part of its strategy of encircling Russia. However we must applaud the brave resistance of the people of the Crimea and East Ukraine against the USA and its far right Kiev allies.

The attack on the rouble is clearly part of the USA strategy. However this has backfired as China has intervened in the Russian economy to protect the Rouble. So I feel that China, s influence can only grow in 2015.

Finally 2014 was not surprisingly the year of Israel latest barbaric assault on Gaza. However it was also a year of world wide massive protests against this assault. The main highlight of this was the one hundred and fifty thousand strong demonstration in London on 9/8/14

So 2014 was a very eventful year all round. I am sure that 2015 will be as well. However what ever happens try and join the fight for a more just peaceful world. In my next blog on the 1/1/2015 I will try and predict what may happen in 2015.


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