As of the 24/12/2014 I will have been teetotal for 27 years. It is a decision I have never regretted as I feel that along with taking up meditation it has help put me on a journey of self discovery and has helped me to critically self analyse myself and my inner motives.

Of course for many people the Christmas period and party season is the perfect excuse for a good old booze up and I must confess until the end of 1987 that was my attitude to Christmas to a certain extent. Now I do not condemn people who still have this state of mind as we are all at different stages of psychological and spiritual development.

However my personal experience since 1987 is that a temperance alcohol Christmas is much more rewarding in both a spiritual and a personal sense. It is much more easier to connect to the real essence of Christmas. Both through Jesus birth and the start of midwinter. Also it is much more easier to take a serious look at you life in the previous year and to consider making improvements for the year ahead.

So in conclusion. I would say of course we are all on different life journeys. But I have personally found that along with meditation a teetotal temperance Christmas is the best way to prepare for the big day. Enjoy the Christmas festivities all.


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