Well time does fly by quickly as it only seems as if yesterday was Christmas 2013. However Christmas 2014 is only four weeks away. Now I must confess that I love Christmas and the build up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year.Once Christmas has passed I must confess that I feel a sense of anti climax.

Now I am determined to enjoy this years Xmas. 2014 has been a better year for me than 2013 which was awful including the death of my mother so I did not enjoy Christmas 2013 at all. Of course this year has seen the usual actions of the Western corporate elite to fan the flames of tension in both the Ukraine and the Middle east however I have reacted to these action by attending demonstrations against these actions. So in other words taking positive actions.

However getting back to Christmas 2014, we must of course get back to the real event of what it is all about. The birth of Jesus who I personally feel is connected to god. This is why for many people the month building up to Christmas does have a certain magic about it. As it offers a glimpse of an alternative world based on justice peace and hope.

So I say to everybody reading this blog enjoy Christmas 2014.But above all meditate pray and try and take a positive act in the build up to Christmas 2014.

Happy Christmas 2014 all.


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