A couple of years ago I wrote a blog called the negative energy of Remembrance Sunday. In the blog I basically stated that we were expected the mourn the dead of past wars while at the same time the Western ruling elite are planning more wars for the future. So in other words it is a day of hypocrisy.

This year however it seems as if the Remembrance Sunday events have been extended to cover a whole week of what I call Red Poppy Hysteria. We have had a whole week of events related to Red Poppies and it seems as if it is compulsory to wear a Red Poppy if you are appearing on television.

Years ago the events related to Remembrance Sunday were a much more low key event. However in the last ten or so years it has been upgraded to a much more higher level eventually leading to this years near hysteria. Myself I bravely wore a White Poppy in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday and I did not receive any personal abuse.

However we need to analysis the reason for the upgrading of the Remembrance Sunday events in recent years. As far as I am concerned there is only one reason for this and this is to create s support for militarism amongst the British general public and also to create support for the imperialist wars that the western corporate elite are planning in the coming years.

So in conclusion I feel that the best way to honour Britain,s war dead is to get involved in the anti war movement. This can be done by joining the Stop the War Coalition and by attending any future anti war demonstrations that are organised by the Stop the War Coalition.


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