Over the last ten or so years a major fad has grown in the western world The Law of Attraction. The major philosophy of this creed is that you can obtain what you desire by positive thoughts. In this latest blog I intend to explain the problems with the philosophy of the Law of Attraction.

Firstly we need to explain the roots of the Law of Attraction ideology
whose creed is basically you are what you think. You must go back to the 19th century New Thought Movement in the United States of America to discover the foundations of The Law of Attraction. The founder of this movement was a man called Thomas Troward. His theory was simple ‘think and grow rich’

However in our present times his new thought movement has two main gurus. Firstly Rhonda Byrne in her 2006 book The Secret states we as human are the totality of all things, also we are all divine and that positive thoughts can attract positive outcomes in our lives.

However the most influential philosophers of the Law of Attraction movement in recent years have been Esther and Jerry Hicks. In their 2008 book Money and the Law of attraction they put forward the by now common view of the original New Thought Movement that by thinking positively we can attract wealth love happiness in our lives.

However I feel that there are major problems with ideas behind the Law of Attraction movement. Firstly we live in a capitalist society where there are enormous gaps in income between rich and poor. So it is ridiculous then that an ordinary working class person can become rich just by thinking that they are rich.

Secondly the Law of Attraction promotes selfishness and self interest. As for a person becoming rich using the Law of Attraction ideas usually involves making gains at another persons expense and suffering.

However I do believe that the human race are all connected together by a single energy consciousness. So the idea of positive energy and positive thoughts only works when we use these ideas to try and help other people and not when we selfishly try using them to help ourselves.

Good day all.


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