Next Thursday 18/9/14 the people of Scotland will make a momentous decision on whether or not to restore their independence which was lost in 1707 after Scotland was united with the other countries in the British Isles in the state of the United Kingdom. Its looks like that the referendum vote will be quite close.

Personally as an English person I am sympathetic to the Scottish independence cause but I realise that it is up to the people of Scotland to make the decision themselves.

A vote in favour of Scottish independence would be without doubt a devastating blow for the British ruling class. Firstly it would be a signal that the people of Scotland do not want to ruled by the English City of London banker class. Secondly and more positively in my opinion it would be a big setback for western imperialism. With a weaker United Kingdom it would be much harder for the western imperialist block led by the USA to start wars of aggression against third world countries so as to steal their resources.

However I do have some criticisms of Alex Salmond,s plans for a post independence Scotland. Firstly he wants an independent Scotland to join the European Union. This is a big mistake as an independent Scotland would be ruled by the EU commission dictatorship instead of becoming a truly independent country. In my view an independent Scotland should stay out of the EU. Secondly he wants Scotland to join Nato. Scotland would be much better off remaining out of Nato like the Republic of Ireland.

If Scotland does vote for independence what lessons should the people of England take from the vote. Firstly they should adopt the proportional representation voting system for future Westminster elections. Secondly English people should discover their own English Albion radical identity. Learn from the traditions of William Blake, Thomas Paine and Gerrard Winstanley and fight for an English Republic.

Alas I have a hunch that the vote for Scottish independence will be narrowly defeated. However I hope that I am wrong. In conclusion whatever happens with the referendum vote on the 18/9/14 the fight against Britain,s corporate elite will go on alongside the fight for a more just world.


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