Now I have always been a very strong supporter of our National Health Service. But last Saturday evening something happened to me which really made me feel grateful for my life long support for our countries favourite institution the National Health Service.

In short I received a severe knock on my head which led to a quite severe bleeding on my head. Fortunately I was quite near to University College Hospital London which gratefully has an Accident and Emergency Unit. Although I had to wait for three hours, the treatment that I received from the staff in the Accident and Emergency Unit was fantastic and I will be eternally grateful to the staff for the treatment that I received in the A and E Unit.

However disgracefully the present government has closed some areas hospitals Accident and Emergency Units, examples of this are Lanarkshire in Scotland and Chase Farm at Enfield in North London the Borough in which I was born was closed In December 2013. This means that patients will have to make the three mile journey to the A and E Unit in Edmonton North London. This is absolutely outrageous.

Clearly we need a national campaign to defend our countries hospitals valuable Accident and Emergency Units. Of course you will ask what can we do to get involved in the campaign to defend our countries A and E Units. Firstly join the Keep our NHS Public Campaign on

Secondly attend the current events being organised by the Peoples Assembly to defend our National Health Service. The Defend our NHS march from Jarrow to London arrives in London on Saturday 6TH September 2014.

So in conclusion I say get active and busy today to defend our NHS.


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