I am writing my latest in a very angry frame of mind. There are two reasons for this.Firstly the massacre in Gazza being carried out by Israel and secondly the continued Western powers hypocrisy over the crisis that they have created in Ukraine.

However let us get back to the subject of this blog which is the tragedy of the MH17 plane that was brought down in East Ukraine on Thursday the 17/7/14 leading to the loss of nearly three hundred lives.

The Western media immediate response was not surprisingly hysterical with headlines such as ‘Putin murder’ or ‘Putin terrorist’. However my personal initial response to the crisis when hearing the news of the MH17 plane disaster was who would benefit from the incident. The answer is of course the Ukraine government and the Western powers and the evidence that we have been presented with since the 17/7/14 does tend to suggest that the Ukraine/Nato axis are more likely to be the culprits for the MH17 plane coming down.

Firstly the American government claimed to have clear evidence that the Eastern Ukraine Russian rebels brought down the plane with a missile however this evidence has so far not been supplied by the USA government.

Secondly the Russian government has provided clear proof that two Ukraine fighter jets SU25 shadowed the MH17 plane until it came down it is quite likely that these two Ukraine air force plane fired the missiles that brought down MH17.

Thirdly and this is very interesting the Kiev airport fight centre censored the MH17 air traffic recordings. Why was this done?

Fourthly the Ukraine military it has been shown deployed BUK anti aircraft systems within range of the MH17 flight path.

Fifthly why was the MH17 flight path moved 200 miles or north of its normal destination?

To be honest the MH17 incident is very worrying. If as I suspect is the case NATO was behind the incident it seems as if the Nato axis is bent on starting world war three with Russia. Please see my earlier blog on the American Grand Chessboard strategy for Ukraine and Russia.

However our response to the MH17 tragedy as it is to the Gazza massacre must be mass political actions and demonstrations. So in conclusion I suggest that you attend the demonstrations that are taking place in support of the people of Gazza. Also join the Stop the War Coalition and attend the No to Nato demonstration in Newport South Wales on the 30/8/14.



  1. Hi Kevin, very well argued article. I agree with everything you have said. There are a lot of questions which have not been answered. The thing is, with the media hysteria orchestrated from the White House, it doesn’t look like truth is what they are after. It is a witch hunt, to make a case for war against Russia. Here is a link to another article which I have just finished reading: . It gives a lot of information as to what’s going on, and why. The case for war against Russia is not new. In desperate attempts to get out of the economic crisis, and to grab the richest country in the world in terms of resources, this is all coming to a stage of execution of all the theories which used to be coming from a mad house. The airliner was shot down to frame Russia, and build a case for war, which they are doing now.

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