In this blog I will discuss the idea of the Demiurge who some people consider to be the not perfect being who created our present imperfect world. So basically it accepts the idea of dualism that there are two gods. For instance Jesus the good god of the New Testament and the Demiurge the imperfect being who created our present imperfect world.

I have been interested in the idea of the Demiurge for some years now. As a somewhat heretical Christian I find it hard to accept that a good god would have made our present imperfect world. What with several mass extinctions. The human suffering and mass murder in wars. But what really stands out for me is the cruelty of nature. In other words ‘the law of the wild’ whereby animals are constantly eating each other alive and torturing each other to death. This is why I personally find it hard to accept that a good god would have made this present imperfect world.

The concept of the Demiurge was first raised by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who felt that our present imperfect world may have been created by an imperfect being. He felt that the Demiurge was a well meaning being however the chaos and imperfect in the present world was due to the Demiurge,s imperfection.

However it was the ideas of Gnosticism which put forward the idea of a difference between the Demiurge the imperfect being who created our imperfect world and the highest perfect unknown god.

However it was the first century Christian heretic Marcion of Sinope d.o.b 85 to 160 AD who I will be writing another blog on some time in the future who is responsible for much of our present day views on the concept of the Demiurge. Marcion views are very important because he is writing after the higher unknown god Jesus became a human being and came to save the world.

In Marcion,s view the Demiurge was the jealous god of the Old Testament. He was the imperfect being or god who made our present world. This is why Jesus the highest real god of the world had to become a human being to save the human race. Personally I feel that Marcion,s views do make sense as the god of the Old Testament seems very vengeful unlike Jesus the compassionate merciful god of the New Testament.

However in conclusion of course it is quite possible that the theory of the Demiurge is incorrect. We just do not know with our present knowledge. It could just well be the case that the theory of life is for more complex than the human race can understand.

Have a nice weekend all.


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