Gerrard Winstanley born 1609 died 1676 was one of the leaders of the levellers faction in the English Republican movement at the end of the English civil war. He is in my opinion one of the great figures in English history and should be much better known and respected by the great mass of the English people than he is at this present time.

Gerrard Winstanley published the The new law of the book of righteousness at the end of the English civil war. In the book he advocated common ownership and democracy for all. He was opposed to Cromwell,s religious dictatorship. Instead he advocated equality and votes for all. Also he opposed Cromwells barbaric invasion of Ireland which led to mass murder and genocide.

He believed in a form of liberation Christianity in what he called the ‘ inner spirit of the light’. By this he meant that people could connect directly with god without the need of a priest. People could do this through their inner consciousness.

Some people may suggest that Winstanley,s views are not relevant to our modern times as they feel his views relate to a pre industrial society. Also that he was mainly concerned with the enclosure of the common lands in the 1640,s.

However this view is totally wrong. Firstly he was probably the first great English socialist advocating equality and common ownership. Secondly he advocated votes for all. Thirdly he was the first great English anti imperialist opposing the invasion of Ireland. Also he supported freedom of religious practice for all religions Dissenters, Quakers and Catholics and he advocated the separation of church and state.

Today Britain again has an unelected head of state. Also there is great inequality in our country which is governed by a globalist bankers dictatorship. Also Britain and the other western countries ruling elites are still trying to attack other countries, mainly third world countries to steal their resources.

So Gerrard Winstanley,s views are very relevant to our modern times. So I would strongly urge people to check out his works and join the fight to build a more just and better world.


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