Yesterday I attended the annual London May day demonstration in London organised by the TUC. I was surprised by the large attendance on the demonstration well over ten thousand people. The large attendance was probably due to the fact that the demonstration was dedicated to the memory of Tony Benn and Bob Crow.

There was not surprisingly a huge turn out of RMT members to honour Bob Crow. But there was also a very impressive turn out of other trade union banners. I personally found taking part in the demonstration very rewarding and the demonstration I felt created a feeling of international workers solidarity. May day demonstrations do seem to be undergoing a major revival in many countries throughout the world. I put this down to one major reason the capitalist system is without doubt in a state of permanent crisis and this has created a mood amongst a section of the working class of the need to try and rebuild the Labour movement.

In conclusion we need to try and make May day here in Britain a public holiday. Also we need to try and rebuild militant Trade Unions here in Britain and throughout the world. Also we must build a new socialist political party here in Britain.

Have a nice weekend all.


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