The UKIP posters for the European parliamentary election regarding immigrants from other European Union countries taking British workers jobs are in my opinion inflammatory. I say this as a person who is strongly in favour of Britain leaving the European Union and who is not opposed to sensible immigration controls. As a life long socialist I in fact urge people to support the socialist campaign to leave the European Union by voting in the European Parliamentary election on 22/5/14 for either no 2 EU Yes to Democracy or else for the Socialist Labour Party. However more about this in a blog nearer the 22/5/14.

UKIP are quite correct in calling for Britain to leave the European Union for reasons that I have explained in my previous blogs. The European Union Commission is an unelected dictatorship which imposes its policies on democratically elected national government. Of course these are neo liberal policies of austerity and privatisation. So genuine British socialists are quite to correct to campaign both for Britain,s withdrawal from the EU and for the EU to be dissolved.

However the UKIP election leaflet is both wrong and inflammatory for various reasons. Firstly the leaflets are morally wrong as it is not foreign workers who are to blame for British workers being unemployed and suffering from low wages it is the neo liberal capitalist system. To solve these problems we must fight for a socialist Britain with a socialist planned economy with public ownership of banks and major enterprises.

Secondly the leaflets undermine the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union as they are inflammatory and create ill feeling to foreign workers who are not the cause of British workers low wages and high unemployment. It is of course the capitalist system which is the cause of these problems.

So in conclusion we must mount a socialist campaign for Britain to leave the European Union and also a campaign for a socialist Britain and Europe. This will be a long drawn out fight. In a few weeks I will write a blog calling for a vote for socialist anti EU candidates in the EU parliament elections here in Britain on the 22/5/14.

Have a nice weekend all.


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