As a life long socialist and English Republican I say to the people of England celebrate St Georges day the 23/4/14 the day of England,s patron saint. Furthermore I say celebrate this day with great pride an honour.

St George was born in Roman Palestine. This is not widely known that he is from Palestine a modern day persecuted people. He was born in Lydda and lived from 283 AD to 303 AD. He was executed because he refused to give up his Christian faith as an officer in the Roman army. So he is quite correctly regarded as a modern day Christian martyr.

St George is quite correctly looked upon as a hero by many great English radicals like Gerrard Winstanley the leader of the Levellers in the English civil war and Conrad Noel the socialist vicar of Thaxted in Essex who flew the flag of St George above his church every St George,s day.

So I say in conclusion do not allow the flag of St George and St George,s day to be captured by groups like the English Defence League. English socialists and Republicans should celebrate this great day with honour.


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