The death of the RMT trade union leader Bob Crow at a young age of 52 on the 11/3/14 is a tragedy for the RMT and the British Labour movement, but also for his own personal family.

He was without doubt the outstanding British trade union leader of our present age and to be honest a large number of the other British trade unions besides the RMT seem quite ineffective at the present time. He increased his union membership from sixty to eighty thousand when most union membership is declining. The reason for this was that he obtained regular wage increases each year for his members each year. He led a successful strike of RMT members on the underground tube network last month to keep open the tube station ticket offices. The strike was supported by the majority of the London tube network users.

Besides defending his members conditions Bob Crow also developed the correct political conclusions. He correctly called for a socialist campaign to withdraw Britain from the EU capitalist dictatorship. He was going to head the London slate for NO2EU Yes To Democracy in the elections for the European Parliament on the 22/5/14.

Also he realised the need to build a new Workers Party to replace the Labour Party here in Britain. Again this is the correct political conclusion as the Labour Party largely accepts neo liberalism nowadays.

In conclusion what can we all do as a tribute to Bob. Firstly get involved in your work place trade union. He proved that effective work place trade union pays off for workers conditions. Secondly vote for NO2EU Yes to democracy in the elections for the European Parliament on 22/5/14.Thirdly vote for the Trade Union Socialist Coalition candidates in the elections on the same day for the local council elections if they are standing in your ward. Bob Crowe supported both political groups.

Have a nice week end all.


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