The events in the Ukraine in the last few weeks are truly astounding. The democratically elected president of Ukraine in 2010 Viktor Yanokovych has been overthrown by a mob dominated by Nazis. The new government has appointed a member of the Nazi, Svoboda Party Andriy Parubiy as Secretary of Security and National Defence. Also the new government has banned the Russian language spoken by the people of Eastern Ukraine.

Surprise, surprise the governments of the USA and the EU have come out in support of the new unconstitutional government. However they have attacked the pro Russian demonstrations in East Ukraine and the Russian intervention in the Crimea, also they have attacked the plans to hold a referendum on Crimean autonomy on the 30/3/14.Such hypocrisy is what you should expect from the USA the world great number one imperialist tyrant and its EU neo liberal corporate fascist lapdogs.

However we must did deeper for the real American strategy. One must go back to Zbigniew Brzezinski,s book The Grand Chessboard published in the late 1990,s. He is quite blunt of the American imperialist motives. The USA must dominate the Eurasian landmass. So this would mean American and Nato troops in Ukraine and using this as a base to attack Russia and take Moscow. However Russia so off Hitlers Nazi troops and I am sure they will do the same with the USA,EU military axis. In fact they are already doing so by occupying Crimea and by the pro Russian demonstrations in East Ukraine.

John Kerry remarks yesterday made me reach for the sick bag ‘You do not invade other countries in the 21st century’ Oh the USA wanted to invade Syria and did and invaded Iraq in 2003. Also it is funding the fascist thugs who are trying to overthrow Venezuela,s democratically elected socialist government.

The obvious questions people who are reading this blog will ask themselves is what can they do to show solidarity with the Russian people of East Ukraine. Also how can they help to fight the USA,EU, Nato warmongers. I would make the following suggestions.

1.Join campaigns for Britain to leave the European Union and Nato.
2.Support the campaign for the people of East Ukraine for independence from West Ukraine.
3.Support the activities of any anti fascists in West Ukraine.
4.Send messages of support to the Russian embassy in London supporting the activities of the Russian troops in the Crimea and any actions that they take in East Ukraine.

God bless you all and have a nice week.


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