Well 2013 is nearly over and as for as I am personally concerned thank god for that as to be blunt it has not been a good year for me at all.

I tried to start off 2013 on an optimistic note by getting involved in the law of attraction process this was a big mistake as it does not work. More about the law of attraction in a future blog. However 2013 quickly turned negative for me as an old health problem can back to haunt me with a vengeance and I spent most of 2013 in chronic pain. Also my mother who I was quite close to died in October 2013. The only bright note for me was managing to leave my employment in late 2013.But again all in all for me personally 2013 is a year to forget.

However as for the world in general I feel there was a few hopeful signs. Firstly the House of Commons vote against military action against Syria on 29/8/13.I still cannot believe the vote but well done to Ed Miliband for voting against military action. One in the eye against Tony Blair and the other neo conservative lackeys in the Labour Party. Secondly the agreement with Iran on its nuclear programme. Both of the above events created rage amongst the international neo conservative Zionist community. But perhaps John Lennon,s message of give peace a chance is finally getting through to even some politicians.

The main negatives as far as I am concerned is firstly the continuing austerity here in Britain and neo liberalism in the majority of countries in the world and secondly the increasing severity of the storms here in Britain which are starting to affect even the economic life of our country. I do not of course know what is the cause of the increasing severity of the storms world wide but I predict that climate experts will perhaps be debating this subject in 2014.

However this year unlike last I will be out on new years eve to the early hours celebrating the fact that this difficult year is finally over. In conclusion in my next blog I will put on my crystal ball and try and predict what will happen in 2014.


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