Last Saturday 30/11/2013 I attended the founding conference of Left Unity in London. Now it goes without saying that this was a very important event as Britain urgently needs a socialist electoral alternative to the Labour Party who largely accept neo liberalism.

Left Unity has I feel made a very promising start. It has recruited 1200.000 paying members and 10000.000 email supporters even before its founding conference.

My view of the founding conference was mainly positive. Just under 500 people attended the founding conference. The main agenda of the founding conference was deciding the Left Unity constitution. The debates were mainly good natured without rancour and a policy making conference will be held in March 2014.

In my opinion the main thing what is positive about Left Unity is that it is not a hierarchical Leninist organization. But instead it is a democratic party controlled by its members.

The key task is to make sure that left unity adopts a socialist programme of widespread public ownership at its next conference in March 2014. However in conclusion Left Unity has made a very promising start at its founding conference.


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