The agreement between the western powers and Iran that was reached on the 24/11/13 limiting Iran,s uranium nuclear enrichment to 5% enough for nuclear power must be welcomed by all peace loving people throughout the world.

It holds out the hope of an improvement in relations between Iran and the western countries which can only be of benefit to all. The hypocrisy of the opposition to the deal from Israel is nauseating. A country which is overloaded with nuclear weapons and is ethnically cleansing its Palestinian population and also practices racial discrimination against its Arab citizens. The same charge of hypocrisy must apply to the opposition to the deal from the Saudi Arabian dictatorship.

Of course the deal raises a number of issues. Firstly the possibility of the establishment of diplomatic relationship between Iran and the United States of America. This would of course increase the possibility of a successful peace deal in Syria between the Assad government and peaceful elements of the Syrian opposition. Again this development is very much to be welcomed.

Of course we would all like to see Iran become a similar type democracy to Turkey and I am sure that left to itself this change will take place gradually in Iran. As a socialist I would very much like to see a socialist government in Iran. However we must remember that Britain and America organised the coup which overthrew Iran, democracy in 1953 because President Mohammed Mossaddegh tried to nationalise the oil industry in Iran. The coup of course led to the establishment of the dictatorship of the Shah of Iran.

However in conclusion looking towards the future we must hope that the agreement of the 24/11/13 leads to a safer world and the long term prospects of the establishment of a proper democracy in Iran.


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