Now myself I am a sensible conspiracy theorist. There are some conspiracy theories that are true. I myself take the view that for a conspiracy theory to have any credibility then there must be some evidence to base the conspiracy theory on. However there are some crackpot conspiracy theories that some people talk about with out any evidence. An example of a credible conspiracy theory is what happened in the world trade centre on 9/11. The janitor of the building saw bombs exploding in the building. Also it is obviously clear that the building was brought down by a controlled demolition.

In fact you do not have to look far for the conspiracy plans of the global elite. Groups like the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral Commission plans are evidence for all to see. The most current obvious example of this is the Transatlantic Investment Partnership between the USA/Canada and the EU. It gives corporations equality in law with national governments. This is outrageous and clearly establishes a world corporate big business dictatorship which overrides the democracy of national governments. So individual countries democracy comes to an end.

This then is the whole point of the blog. Many conspiracy theorists just seem quite happy to turn up to truth movements meetings and talk about the evil plans of the global elite. They are quite right to do so. However they do not seem to be willing to fight back against the global elites evil plans. In fact many conspiracy theorists seem to accept that we are fighting a losing battle against the global elite. This is where I take issue with them.

There is a lot that we can do to fight back against the global elites plans for a world globalist corporate dictatorship. Firstly organise a campaign against the Transatlantic Investment Partnership. Secondly get involved in the stop the war coalition. Thirdly set up your own independent internet media outlet. Fourthly join a political organization like Left Unity and finally form an community action group in your area.

In conclusion we can all make a difference if we get active against the plans of the corporate global elite. Together we are far more powerful than them and if we act together we can easily defeat the plans of the global elites new world order.


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