Yesterday 10/11/13 I visited St Pauls Cathedral with a friend we then went to the fire works display at 5PM at Blackfriars bridge on the River Thames which I did enjoy.

However what stood out was the heavy negative energy in the City of London. As it was remembrance Sunday the next day 11/11/13 the city was full of military types obviously preparing for today remembrance Sunday event at the cenotaph.
I could not but notice the heavy negative energy which existed in London yesterday and is still existing today remembrance Sunday. In fact I cannot notice it every remembrance Sunday. So it must exist.

Now I feel that this is due to a number of factors. The evil of the two world wars of the 20TH century comes to the fore on this day. The sixty five million people killed in the two world wars many innocent civilians. Also it is possible that the souls of some of the people killed in the wars are still interacting with the world today.

I also feel that remembrance Sunday brings to the fore the present militarism of the worlds corporate elite and the wars that they are planning for the future for their corporate profits. David Cameron is trying to plan big celebrations in 2014 for Britains role in world war one, a war for corporate imperialist plunder.

However I feel that what we should try and do in the future is to try and turn the negative energy of remembrance Sunday into something positive. Firstly try and organise an anti militarist event on remembrance Sunday. Such as the march organised by military veterans for peace at the cenotaph in Central London today. Secondly do NOT wear the red poppy as you are only endorsing the evil wars that the corporate elite are planning for the future.

So lets make 2014 remembrance Sunday the 100TH anniversary of the year of the start of the evil first world war a major anti militarist event.

So lets turn remembrance Sunday 2014 into a positive event of resistance to corporate wars and thus say no more capitalist imperialist wars.



  1. Hi Kevin, I have recently stumbled across your blog and see you have a very strong viewpoints on various topics of today’s society, I wondered if you wouldn’t mind asking a short series of questions for me regarding a research project I am doing for my Masters degree concerning today’s culture and society and how it is so media obsessed (in short) If this is something you would be interested in helping me with I would love to hear from you! Best, Sarah

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