I thought that I would write this blog today as it is just about the right time as yesterday was the funeral of my 88 year old mother who died on the 15/10/13.

Obviously the loss of any close relative is a time of great sorrow for all concerned. In my opinion it is also a time for introspection where one takes stock of ones own life, firstly in respect of your relationship with the close relative and secondly how one can use this introspection to make useful changes in ones own life.

Personally I feel that whether or not one believes in life after death can make a major difference on how one reacts to the death of a close relative. If like myself who is heavily influenced by near death experiences and who believes that people survive death then one can draw a certain amount of comfort from the relatives departure as you hold the opinion that the relative has moved onto a better world in the after life. However if you are an atheist who does not believe in life after death then you are left with the happy memories while the close relative was alive and the view at least they are now at peace after probably suffering from the pain of ill health.

However getting back to the question of how to cope with the death of the deceased relative. I would make a few observations. If like me you believe in life after death you have the comfort that the relative is now in a better world. If however you do not believe in life after death then you should try and focus on the happy memories while the relative was alive.

However and I know this may not be easy to some people and you may find this difficult. But I feel that we must use the death of the relative to take stock of our own lives while we are still alive and try and make a positive act of improvement in our own lives as a way of honouring the memory of the departed one. I am convinced that this is the best form of action that we can take.

In conclusion the period of grief can last for a considerable time for some people after a relatives death and I would strongly recommend that people take up twice daily meditation to still the mind and calm ones self. As I feel that this can really help in coping with the close relatives loss.

Have a nice weekend all.


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