My latest blog will discuss the thoughts of the Greek philosopher Epicurus 341 to 270 BC. He was an interesting person who held the view that the creator god who made the world was not really that interested in the daily life of the beings that he created. So he can be called the distant god.

Now to be honest although Epirus views are interesting I am not sure that god is disinterested in the daily life of the beings that he created and I will expound upon this view in this blog.

Epicurus as I have already stated held the view that god is not that interested in the life of the beings that he created. He was also of the opinion that there is no life after death and that god does not punish us when we die. As when we die it is the end of our existence and thus our consciousness ends when we die.

His was of the view that we humans should enjoy life and live a happy life free from pain. He felt that pleasure was good and pain was evil. He said that religious worship to the gods was acceptable and was an example of the good life.

Now although Epicurus puts forward some interesting views I feel that he is wrong and two accounts. Firstly near death experiences clearly show that there is a life after death also that there is some sort of good god which is interested in our daily fate. People Should read about near death experiences and the life reviews people go under when they temporarily die.

So I feel that Epicurus thoughts on god are wrong as there is a life after death and god is interested in our daily lives. However in conclusion I cannot make my mind up whether or not there are two gods the evil creator god who made our physical world the demiurge and the good god probably Jesus. I will explore this subject in a future blog.


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