In this blog I will look at something that really affects me and I am sure many other people in London. The daily grind and struggle of travelling to work in London. The crowded tubes,buses and overground trains. The lack of toilet facilities on stations.

I must confess to a certain extent it makes me nervous wreck and it is something that I wish I did not have to put up with. Of course the obvious question is what can you do about it.

Some people may say if you cannot work from home then not a lot. However there are a few tips that I can recommend to ease the daily London struggle to work tension.

Firstly meditate for about ten minutes before you go to work so at to relax the mind.

Secondly when you get up in the morning allow enough time to perform all individual tasks before going to work, do not leave everything to a last minute rush.

Thirdly always breakfast and drink a good cup of coffee and water. It is in my opinion much better to go to work on a full stomach. Also try and eat food like bran and yogurt that are natural laxatives. So that you can make sure you clear your bowels before going to work.

Fourthly and perhaps most importantly try and travel to work avoiding the rush hour. So travel either very early which I think personally is the best, or else late for a ten am work start.

In conclusion the daily London work journey is always going to be full of tension and stress so I hope that you find my tips useful.


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