Wow this is a vey difficult subject and I must confess it affects me personally a great deal at the present time. Anger relating to the injustices and wars that are happening in the world and relating to my own personal predicament.

So it is a very tough question to deal with and to be blunt I only have part of the answers that is why I would very much welcome the comments of other people who read this blog.

However firstly relating to the current world, the injustices, the wars and the corporate elite dictatorship. I feel the best way to try and deal with this action is to take some form of personal action. Such as donating to charity, trying to get involved in voluntary work. On the political side get involved in political campaigns against wars and corporate rule. Also try and attend political demonstrations that take place such as those organised by the stop the war coalition.

Turning to dealing with personal anger in your personal life I feel is a much more difficult problem to deal with. I myself suffer from a great deal of life anger relating to chronic pain and personal abuse and setbacks received in life and I am sure that this problem applies to many other people.

How then to deal with this type of anger. Now to be blunt it is difficult but is have a few suggestions. Firstly meditate for about ten minutes twice a day and also pray to the divine source. Secondly try and get involved in constant activities to take your mind off the anger such as reading, walking or other such activities. Try and do one positive form of action every day if you can.

In conclusion dealing with personal anger in your every day life is very difficult and we can only to our best to deal with this problem. But we can but try.


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