The announcement by the Syrian deputy prime minister yesterday that a ceasefire is needed in the countries civil war and the neither side can win the war is a very welcome statement indeed. I have always been of the view that the Geneva peace conference and negotiations between the Assad government and peaceful elements of the opposition is the only way forward for Syria.

Over one hundred thousand people have been killed in the Syrian civil war. Personally I put the blame for this largely at the hands of the USA neo conservative block who are trying to get control of the country firstly to remove the Russian naval base, secondly as a springboard to attack Iran and finally to stop a fuel pipeline from Iran through Syria.

A United Nations opinion poll showed that 70% of Syrians support President Assad, a similar opinion poll published by Qatar media sources which is hostile to the Assad government indicated that 55% of Syrians support the Assad government.

Many of the Jihadists in Syria appear to come from abroad and are obviously backed by the strange reactionary Israel Zionist, Saudi Arabian Wahhabist secret alliance that appears to exist in the middle east. Many Syrian Christians have been killed by the so called Syrian freedom fighters.

However we must not excuse any acts of violence committed by the Assad government as all life is sacred. But we must all plan for the future and the only hope for the future is peace talks between the Assad government and peaceful elements of the opposition. Also the formation of a government of national unity in Syria and the holding of free elections.

May peace and justice soon come to Syria.


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