In this blog I will analyse the present situation in our capital city London. How it has been totally taken over by corporate interests both British and from abroad and what can be done to make London into a peoples city and reclaim it for the ordinary working class people of London.

First you can feel the history of London when you walk through the various districts of our capital such as the city of London, Soho and Covent Garden. You can easily imagine yourself back in the 16th century walking through various parts of London. Different areas of London certainly have their own energy. However in the last 30 or so years ordinary Londoners have been subject to social cleansing and working class Londoners face being driven out from various parts of the capital.

For a start the two obvious areas to look at are house prices and rents. In some parts of London a one bedroom flat can cost about £330.000.00.This is ridiculous as in parts of Berlin the capital of Germany you can buy flat for £60.000.00. The reason accommodation is so expensive is foreign investors buy many properties just to leave empty just for foreign clients.
Also to rent a one bedroom self contained flat in some parts of London can cost over £300.00 per week.

Besides the problem of high accommodation costs. Londoners face the prospect of a long term future of low paid temporary work. This can apply even to people with university degrees. Besides Londoners who are in work face the prospect of travelling to work in overcrowded tubes, trains and buses.

The obvious question then to ask what can be done to reclaim London for the ordinary people who live in the capital.

Firstly introduce rent controls for private landlords. Also undertake a massive building programme of cheap council accommodation.

Secondly stop foreign investors from buying property in the capital. Also introduce controls on flat and house prices in the capital.

Thirdly municipal control of energy companies and transport companies.

Fourthly public ownership of all banks and financial institutions in the capital.

Fifthly the abolition of the City of London corporation.

Sixthly the establishment of a London enterprise board and a co-operative development agency to create proper jobs for working class Londoners.

To achieve this London peoples revolution we must create a new political movement in both London and Britain as all of the three major political parties in our country will be strongly opposed to the programme that I have advocated in this blog.

So lets get busy now and start organizing now.


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