I thought that I would write this blog on personal actions as I am feeling very aggravated at the present time. The world events the crisis in Syria and the threat of a major war is to an certain extent getting on top of me and making me tense frightened and irritated. In times like these we need to look at our selves and see what we can do for the common good in our every day lives.

Firstly it is very important that we be ourselves and not go along with the herd. Do not be taken in by the evil elites plans for Syria and the middle east.

Secondly meditate twice a day in the morning and evening so as to try and calm your nerves.

Thirdly go for long walks every day. This is a great way of relaxing the body.

Fourthly to counter the actions of the global elites try and do some positive good actions in your life. For instance if you can afford it give regular donations to charity. Also if you have the spare time try and to some voluntary work. On the political front try and attend all anti war demonstrations. So it is very important that you look at the stop the war coalition website everyday.

These are very difficult times and the present. So it is essential that as ordinary people we all try and work together for the common good.

In conclusion to end on a positive note we are now in September which is the start of the build up to the positive energy of Christmas my favourite time of the year.


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